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Friday, January 21, 2005

A Memorable Day

Today , i woke up quite late, at around 11 sth ler, coz 2 tired. Already exhausted......really exhausted. After a few minutes of dreaming, i start 2 do the housework tat mummy ordered this morning. I wipped the window, vacum the floor n mop the floor. After i finished my things, then i realised tat it was quite late, around 4 p.m. Tonite, my aunty invited my father's side family 2 go out n eat, at Hock Lee (Li Yuan). Wow, the food not bad lah.........better than the BDC 1......ZHEN BAO. The food there really kns lah........dunno how 2 say ar. Wad a happy nite, coz i collected a lot of ANGPAU, hahahahaz, my new yr is here liao. There r all big ANGPAU ler, almost all of them r RM100 1 ar. Muahahahaz........really happy n excited now. But, i really scare the day when i m leaving, i will be very sad n my tears will juz drop down. So scare.........

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Meeting A Friend

Last nite, i slept quite late, so today, i oso woke up late. After leaving my bed, i watched my movie straight away. Hahaha......quite a nice movie lar, not bad ler since there isn't any other any movie. Then, i hav my lovely bath coz need to meet a fren. At around 2.30, Ah Jou reached my house. I followed her car to parkson KFC to meet the fren. I was so shocked to c tat person is a MAN.....hahaha, b4 tat i tot is he was a gal. The boy looked quite sissy ler.........4 me lah. Hey....never ever say ppl sissy. My stupid mouth n hand.....muahahaz. But, he is a nice person ler, i can feel it.

In the evening, even more fun lah. I went to the saloon n dye my hair.....HIGHLIGHT. Wahseh, still the same.......hahahahaz. Not much different from the b4, juz a bit more yellow nia. Aftertat, i still tok wid the taukenio, we oso walked home 2gether ar~ really fun lah. Tok this n tok the kepo ma. Muahahahaz........

Today my fren sot sot ki. Suddenly say tat he had drop into a deep deep drain n he as if was dragged by the Tsunami. Haiyo......dun be so negative. Like more happier. U sad, oso no ppl noe ler, 4 wad be so sad n depress??? Juz make urself more happy ler. Living is 2 enjoy live n not 2 suffer. @_@

Monday, January 17, 2005

Boring Day

This morning i woke up at around 10a.m. Aftertat i juz sat on the sofa, watching tv. while watching, i oso eat my breakfast----SIO BEE!!! Haihz~ really boring ler, no frens chio me out today. Aftertat i switch on my computer n start 2 chat. Unluckily, everyone is offline, away n busy. But, there is still a chicken chat wid me......hahaha. He sent me lots of songs. In a return, i did the same thing too. Then, i took my luch n hav a bath. WOW!!! After the bath, i became fresher n more energy, hehehe. Next, i wash my clothes n cooked barley water. Wad a good gal, hiakz~hiakz~ I oso collected the clothes n fold the clothes n put them in the cabinet, closet n drawer. Althought i hav done some housework, but i still felt boring lah........really dunno wad 2 do. Go out??? No car n no frens....... Go work??? Need 2 go study liao....not enouf time ler. Nvm lah, juz 10 more days to go. I can make it!!!!! Kambateh~ hahahahaz *_*

Sunday, January 16, 2005

My Visit To Church

Today i went to the church early in the morning. Ah Jou came 2 my house n fetch me as she had promised 2 fetch me if i wanna go. Really tired lar, woke up so early in the morning n having not enouf sleep. Outside the church, i heard ppl singing. But when i stepped in, i noticed n realized tat everyone were praying bside singing. They pray to the God, to let the God noe wad they wan n wad they need. I listened 2 wad the pastor said.......he taught everyone to pray, the correct way 2 pray. The pastor taught us 2 be holy, righteousness, vivid, forgive n more. But the most perrfect thing is.......i saw 2 guys. Although they were not really handsome, but the way they played the drums n electric guitar......WOW!!!! Wonderful.......PERFECT!!!! I luv it......hahaha. Both of them look so gentle n tender, they r more 2 the humane n lenient person. If they saw wad i wrote, they sure bcom proud......muahahahaz~ When its time 2 leave the church, i saw Kok How wid his red shirt, looked much more mature.

In the afternoon, i cleaned my room, too messy until me, myself cant stand it. Aftertat i oso tidy up my study room, all the books were pushed 2 my sis n she became the 1 who tidy up all the books. Hahaha......wad a lazy sis!!!! So stress ar......lots of things haven buy yet, dunno wad to do.

In the evening, daddy brought me, sis n bro 2 Saberkas 2 make a survey on the laptops. There were lots of laptop, i dunno which 1 2 buy, so headache now. Nvm lah.......daddy is going 2 pay 4 it, so he will be the 1 who choose it. Don think too much!!!!! Hehehe.......><

My First Time

Today is my first time to play wid this blog. Okui is the one who introduce it to me......hahaha. Thank you. Hope tat i can fully use this blog. I'm tired now, so exhausted!!!! But......HAPPY bcoz i got sth new to play wid. Hehehe......Wad a wonderful morning!!!! Sleepy ler......eyes wanna to drop lor. Stomach oso not feeling well ler......but nvm lar, bcoz after i wake up, everything will be as normal. Tat's all for today!!!! Hope tat everything will go well tomorrow @_@